Nate Robinson confirms Xbox Live identity during real-life basketball game

nate_robinson Wow, here’s a new one. Apparently Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks plays quite a bit on Xbox Live and constantly has trouble trying to prove to fellow gamers that he’s really Nate Robinson.

So in last night’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Robinson apparently made a special salute before shooting free throws in order to prove to someone on Xbox Live that it was really him playing Call of Duty: World at War.

In a 2007 interview, Robinson told,

“When I tell people I’m Nate Robinson from the Knicks they’re like, ‘Yeah, right. Get out of here!’ They don’t believe me. And I’m like what do I have to do to make you believe me? And I end up naming my whole team, naming their kids, everything.”

So whoever Robinson was recently playing Call of Duty with told him to make some sort of secret salute before his first round of free throws during Saturday’s game, which he did.

So let this be a lesson to everyone. If someone on Xbox Live says that they’re famous, believe them wholeheartedly – even if they claim to be a woman but sound like a man or claim to be a girl but sound like a man or claim to be a young man but sound like an older man. That, or have them do something weird on live TV.

[via Kotaku]