New Napera Beta Integrates Software Into Network Switches–Get A Free 24-port Gigabit Network Switch

Napera, a recent Seattle-based startup, is looking for 100 IT and Network Managers for a closed beta test of their new 24-port gigabit network switch. Details below.

Napera is testing a relatively new concept–targeted security software subscriptions installed onto the network hardware. These security subscriptions recognize that different industries face different threat profiles–for example, the health industry versus the financial services industry.  Each industry is also willing to pay for different levels of security. CEO Todd Hooper explained it to me:

A good analogy is the trial antivirus software that is bundled with
computer. Imagine if networking hardware came with bundled security features
you could activate for a trial and subscribe to remotely, rather than being
a new single function box you had to buy just for this purpose.

The recent mini-epidemic of the Conficker worm shows that breached network security remains a very real threat for the enterprise. Networking hardware is now sophisticated enough that installing applications on the switches themselves results in extremely fast and cost-effective deployment–particularly for businesses too small to hire a full-time security guru.

On the flip side, subscriptions to security in the cloud means your usage statistics can also be collected for continuous improvement. I don’t know if Napera intends to do this, but it certainly seems the logical next step.

Beta details:

Napera is looking for 100 IT and Network Managers to join a closed beta test
of our most innovative product features. We will ship you a fully
functional, business class, 24-port gigabit network switch. Install it on
your network, use it, and keep it, with our thanks for participation in our
beta program. We will ask you to turn on and use advanced features, never
before seen in network switching equipment. Give us your feedback, ideas,
and comments.

The beta test is open to US residents only and will take 90 days.
Participants responsible for hardware shipping and handling.

Apply to participate in the Napera Project Indigo Beta Test at