Affluence, The Social Network That Makes Your Life Better … If You're A Millionaire

It’s not the first social network that caters to wealthy people only, and it won’t be the last: Affluence is the latest company to take a crack at building a community site exclusively for the rich and famous among us instead of the petty riff-raff that make up the bulk of internet users.

Unlike its most famous competitor aSmallWorld (there’s also Diamond Lounge and Qube), Affluence doesn’t require you to be invited in order to be eligible to become a member. No, you can simply register, free of charge. That is, if you can demonstrate you have a minimum household net worth of $3 million or a minimum annual household income of $300,000. Or if you have 5 other people who qualify tell Affluence that you are upper class enough to become a member of the virtual country club; that should do the trick as well.

Once you get into the network, Affluence promises to make your wealthy lifestyle even better, offering you access to a dedicated “Concierge” who will assist you in spending your money on the right luxury hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, make sure you attend the most exclusive parties and events across the globe, and gives you access to a proprietary luxury print magazine called Affluence Magazine. It’s a social network, so you also get to mingle with other millionaires and billionaires. I didn’t get in, but I’m pretty sure you can’t attack other socially elite people with virtual zombies (I’m still digging for confirmation on that).

All kidding aside, I’m convinced there’s a genuine need for this type of service, and ultimately it’s the personal experience of the members that counts. Some day, I hope to tell you what that personal experience feels like. Until then, you can take a look at the screenshot below, which shows the profile of Affluence’s President and CEO Scott Mitchell.