T-Mobile stores in 3G-less regions to stock the G1 starting tomorrow

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Since the G1’s launch way back in October, the only folks who could walk into a T-Mobile retail store and walk out with Android in their pocket were those who lived in an area covered by T-Mo’s (still fairly limited) 3G network. Sure, you could order them at any store – but for the most part, that meant having a store employee walk you through the same online process you could have done at home.

Fortunately, word just came down that that’s all about to change; beginning tomorrow, January 24th, the G1 will be available in all T-Mobile Retail spots and Retail Partner locations. If you’re in a 3G-less area, are clamoring for a G1, and just can’t do without that feeling of handing your cash over to a living, breathing person (or have a deathly fear of delivery men), your day has finally come.

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