LG VX9600 Versa is super modular, super caught on camera

It’s a thought we’ve all had at one point or another: “Instead of having to decide between handsets with QWERTY and those without, why not just make the keyboard detachable?” Unfortunately, the majority of us aren’t major handset manufacturers with the power to make such things happen, so the idea slipped back into the “Things I wish other people would make” bank, along with lightsabers and practical jetpacks. This morning, when Snap315 posted images of the LG VX9600 Versa to HowardForums, this oft-dreamed about concept took its first big step toward becoming a reality.

Word is, the detachable fun won’t stop at QWERTY keyboards. Rumors of gamepads, stereo speakers, and other plug-and-play packages of fun are abound, though we’ll have to see how many of these make their way out of LG’s think tanks.

Straight out of the original poster’s mouth: “This is an outstanding phone. It has all of the features the Voyager or Dare has with the flexibility of having either a QWERTY keypad or just the touchscreen.” Sounds great, but we’re a bit worried by the OS we’re seeing on the screen. We’ve never been too impressed with the flexibility offered by the OS on LG/Verizon phones – we’re just hoping the final software is as versatile as the hardware it runs on.

[Via EngadgetMobile]