INCOMING! @wossy pitches Twitter to 4m+ UK TV viewers [updated]

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UPDATE: Well they did indeed discuss Twitter at reasonable length (well, 40 seconds is a long time on TV). Ross says he’s been following Fry on somethiing called Twitter which is “a bit like a message board”. Fry says Twitter is “much mocked” by those who “don’t get it”. Ross likens it to mobile text messaging. Fry describes it as Microblogging in 140 characters. Fry says he has lots of “nice people” following him, though those who mock say Twitter is just about telling the world what you had for breakfast. Ross says he notices from his Twitters that that Fry has been doing a lot of walking. Ross then turns to Tom Cruise and asked if he ever Twittered… {also posted to YouTube)

[Original story, before and after show]: Twitter could be about to break significantly into the mainstream of Internet users. TV talk show host Jonathan Ross, who has built an underground following on his Twitter account during his suspension from the BBC, is poised to discussed Twitter with comedian/author/presenter Stephen Fry. His show used to get 4 million viewers a week but numbers are likely to be well up during tonight’s show – that means a lot of people in the UK suddenly curious about Twitter.

Fry confirmed they discussed Twitter during the pre-recorded interview on Thursday (below), but whether it makes the cut remains to be seen and the mention of Twitter did make the cut, according to Ross (above). The question is, what did they actually say? Check back on this post after the show tonight on BBC 1 at 10.35pm for more details.

  • gareth wong

    Surely Jonathan can make a segment where live audience can participate via Twitter?

    It does not matter when..(think it is recorded on Wed?)

    I think Charlotte church & Graham Norton does that quite well.. by tricking people

    not sure how ‘entertaining’ it is on the screen with 140 characters though.. maybe we need to rely on Stephen’s intellect..

    Well done and thanks Jonathan for mentioning, hope we don’t get too many spammers etc. to exploit the twitter system now that millions more people are aware of the system!

  • James Gill

    Fantastic that Ross has mentioned it on national TV. Perhaps now I can actually use Twitterific on my iPhone without friends being dissapointed by the nerdiness of an app with such a cute icon.

    Twitter is such a useful tool that the public don’t know what they’re missing without it.

  • Drew B

    The best bit was when Tom Cruise responded: “who, me?”

    I think he zoned out when the conversation turned to Twitter.

    It would be really interesting if someone in the audience could say how much extra chatter about Twitter was edited out of the show that went out on air?

  • Craig Killick

    Watched the programme last night and I think they did a good job in explaining it in a non-nerdy way. I was hoping they would have done it ‘live’ but obviously it’s pre-filmed so perhaps that would have been wasted.

    Woke up this morning to see them discussing Twitter on BBC News 24. Seems no escape from it now.

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  • Willem van der Horst

    Nice and to the point, very cool Twitter comments! Love the calling out to Tom – smile to the camera and don’t say a word ;o)

  • Tony

    Nice clip but is this in breach of BBC copyright?

    Would be good if you identified the revenue generated by ads using this link and donated to a charity maybe nominated by Andrew Sachs?

  • Darren

    He also mentioned it on his radio show this morning.

    around the 32 min mark

  • Garry Parkes

    Now that Twitters being ‘outed’ on mainstream TV is will only grow bigger and bigger.

    How does Twitter make it’s money though – there is no advertising – no fees – so how?

    I’ve only being doing this less than a month and I’m already in the top 20 twitters in the UK acording to Twitterholic !! Must have something useful to say on my main blog :-)


  • Guy Thompson

    Not being a big fan of Ross I gave the programme a miss, though I’m sorry I missed a second dose of Stephen Fry for the night and a new angle on Twitter, where I’m just finding my feet. I know lots of UK Twitter addicts already but I guess it’s mainly a US obsession for the time being.

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  • Dawson

    I actually wrote an article today funnily enough, on how twitter isn’t just about “telling the world what you had for breakfast”, for those interested it’s titled “Twitter, a medical student’s best friend” — Yeah I’m a medical student, but take a look around my website, especially “Twitter Doctors, Medical Students and Medicine related”, you would be hard pushed to say that the medical and healthcare community are not making full use of it.

    @Guy I too skipped the show for the same reason, after Ross’s last performance, I shan’t be watching him again.

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  • Rob Bell

    I had to laugh at the video clip – which I first discovered on and it brought me here. How come it’s video of a prime BBC show, embedded in a BBC site, yet the video’s someone recording the telly?!?!

    Is it a sign of budget cuts at the BBC? lol


  • D. Atkinsobn

    Johnatan Ross. resign from the B.B.C you bloody ass hole. You are the most un talented pillock that has ever graced the T. V. service. As a Licence holder I object to your degredation of the people who come on your so called show. You are the most untalented person I have ever watched on T.V. Have the courtesy to resign from your so called jobs on radio and T.V. Tner are far more talented people that woud do your job much better.

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