Casio Japan rolls out four new sports watches


Casio Japan announced four new sports watches [JP] (no G-Shocks) yesterday. The watches are made for people who are into running, hiking and fishing. All devices feature a stop watch function, an EL backlight, a timer, a calendar and a 12/24h switch.

Casio essentially offers four watches in two variations each (with a resin or leather/cloth band).


The WV-M200 can be used in Japan, Germany, the UK and the USA (price: $75). The SGW-200 costs $110 and comes with an accelaration sensor, distance and calorie calculator and is aimed at joggers in particular.


The SGW-100 features a compass and thermometer and Casio says it’s suitable for trekking and camping fans (price: $110). Aimed at fishers and surfers, the AQW-100 is equipped with a tide and moon calendar (price: $75).

All watches will hit Japanese stores February 28.