Yup, Sirius XM price hike confirmed


So yeah, that rumored Sirius XM price hike is totally going to happen. Go ahead and call Sirius XM and you’ll get the customer service guy trying to get you to “lock in” your current rates by buying a lifetime subscription. Time to break out the pitchforks.

Right in line with yesterday’s information, online streaming will now cost $2.99 per month (it’s currently free with a subscription), and each extra radio will cost you $2 more per month, to $8.99. Note that the online feed’s quality will jump a bit, to 128k.

The base subscription price remains unchanged. That is, if you have only one radio and don’t listen to the online feed you won’t be affected.

As to whether or not this rate increase violates the agreement that Sirius XM made with the FCC, well, since the base rate wasn’t increased it’s hard to say that it does indeed violate the agreement.

But, really, it’s only $2, $2 that could go a long way to helping Sirius XM get through this wretched economy.