Ustream's iPhone Viewing Application Downloaded 113,000 Times in 24 Hours

Only two days after its release, Ustream’s iPhone Viewing Application has already hit the top spot of the App Store’s Entertainment section, and is ranked the 6th most popular free application overall. Ustream says that its latest figure for number of downloads stands at a whopping 113,000, which only represents the first 24 hours that the application was available (Apple doesn’t update download counts in real time). The application allows users to watch live and archived streams from directly on their iPhone or iPod Touch, and also features an integrated chat.

Despite its popularity, it looks like users have had a number of gripes. With an average rating of two stars, many of the app’s user reviews complain about crashing, the lack of support for 3G or Edge (you need to use Wi-Fi), and little in the way of mainstream television content. These issues aside, the application is still very cool, and will only get better as the developers push out updates.

We’re still waiting on Ustream’s second application that would allow users to actually broadcast video (the viewing app only lets you stream). While competitors like Qik and Flixwagon have created similar apps that work on jailbroken iPhones, none of these have made their way to the App Store. Ustream’s application was submitted last week and has not yet been approved by Apple.

Update: This post originally said that Ustream saw 113,000 downloads in 48 hours. While it has been around 48 hours since the application launched, Ustream says that the download figure hasn’t been updated to include today’s downloads, so it really only represents the first day that the app was available on the store.