South Park making the switch to HD

southparkOh boy. After 12 seasons stuck in standard definition, South Park will finally be shown in glorious high-def. The new season starts on March 11th and is a long time coming. The season 13 premier hopefully sets a standard that the likes The Simpsons and Family Guy must follow. I mean, come on. It’s 2009 and those cartoons are some of the last prime time shows stuck in the past. Some would argue that cartoons in HD makes no sense, but to them (mainly Doug) I say ‘Are you dumb?’

The Simpsons Movie looks incredible. The depth of field is great, the detail is increased, and the over all experience is a modern take on the hand-drawn classic. I’m not saying to deviate from the overall look, but rather increase the quality of the product with the help of high-definition. The Simpsons is getting a little stale and maybe going to high definition would bring back some of the original Gen X audience.

I do understand that part of the draw (thank you) to shows like King of the Hill and The Simpsons is that the story is more important than the picture, but at least make the shows widescreen friendly. I’m pretty sure that those two cartoons are the only shows I watch that are still 4:3. South Park is great but It’s time folks, lets have these other shows in HD already.

SouthParkStudios via EngHD