Review of the 128K Mac

Our buddy Larry Magid posted wrote this article for the LA Times way back in 1984. What’s he writing about? The $2,495 128K Mac from Apple. The computer is completely portable, provided you buy the $99 case, and weighs a total of 22 pounds. Sassy!

If you read Larry’s review you really come to understand why Apple got the reputation for being expensive and weird. The printer cost $495 when similar gear cost maybe $250 on a good day. But remember: this thing had a “mouse” and a “GUI” back when most of us were about ten years old. Now we basically define our entire computing experience by saying how far from that original 22 pound box we have come.

How about this little blast from the past?

Machine specific magazines help spread the excitement of a new computer. PC World Communications, Inc. (San Francisco) has already released the first issue of Macworld, an attractive and well written user magazine. The 145 page premier issue includes a photo essay on the Mac’s hardware, several software reviews, tips for using the new machine, and a behind the scenes series of profiles on the people responsible for “Making the Macintosh.” Within a few months there will be other magazines and scores of books about the new computer.