CrunchDeals: 35% off Shure headphones at Earphone Solutions


Here’s a random CrunchDeal for y’all. Earphone Solutions, a fine Web site, has a bunch of Shure headphones (except the i2CM, SE110 and SE-110-K) for 35 percent off the regular price. That means you could walk away with, say, $150 SE210 for just $97.

As if I need to tell any of you, Shure, along with Ultimate Ears, make the best headphones-for-your-dollar. Yes, to some of you normal people spending more than $100 on headphones may seem silly—and it could well be, expecially if you listen of MP3s you’ve pulled off LimeWire in 2002 on your iPod nano—but the difference between a Shure and, say, the pack-in headphones that come with the iPod is absurd. That, and Shure’s headphones isolate noise pretty well, meaning that you won’t have to crank the volume up to dangerous levels just to drown out the sound of the subway on your way to school or work.

Right, so Shure headphones for cheap, from a store I’ve used in the past. Be sure to enter SHURE35 at checkout to get the discount.

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