Apple upgrades the white Macbooks to Unibody standards

If you could care less about the unibody MacBook, Apple has packed the same innards into the old, white plastic models. Sure, the unibody supposedly gives you a more stable construction and adds the button-less glass touchpad, but the plastic option is 300 bones less. That’s a lot and should result in numerous buyers to sit back in their chairs and think about which one too buy. Our thoughts after the break.

The plastic models do break. While I have had great luck with the two G4 iBooks (plastic) I own and use daily, Mrs. Doug’s MacBook has had its frame replaced twice. It might be a worth while investment to buy the aluminum unibody if this notebook is going to leave the house. On the other hand, $300 can buy a hell of a photo printer or external LCD monitor if the notebook is going to be a desktop ‘replacement.’ Your call, but I think I would spend the extra $300 and get the new one.