Tesla jacks up the price of the Roadster, hippies enraged

Tesla might be in bigger trouble than we first thought. The company has redone the options sheet for the upcoming year and took what was previously standard equipment, and slapped heft price tags on ’em. For instance, the High Performance Charger which replenishes most of the battery in 3.5 hours now costs $3,000. Plus, the alloy wheels now add $3,200 to the invoice; is the standard hub caps? Tesla claims that the changes were needed to turn a profit but it seems that the company is reneging on customers that placed deposits on Roadsters.

Before the government loan, the company was having a hard time fulfilling customer’s orders. A good amount of people had placed deposits well in advance but the company simply could not pump out the electric cars fast enough. Now, many people have reported that Tesla is calling ’em up and telling ’em that their order have been unlocked from the deposit. In order to re-lock it, they have to commit to the new – and more expensive – options. Shady, Tesla.