SRS launches TruMedia in hopes of improving cell phone audio

Yeah, this definitely isn’t the first time we’ve heard an audio company promising that they’re going to blow your face off with the audio quality improvements they’re bringing to your cell phone. Hell, it’s probably not even the fifth. Regardless, SRS has just announced TruMedia, a fancypants new sound engine for mobile handsets.

According to the announcement, TruMedia should be just the fix needed for everyone looking to rock out to some 5.1 audio on the go. Even if it doesn’t make your media sound like it was being played live by the original artists in your head, they’re hoping to improve call quality as well. If SRS’ system detects a noisy environment, it’ll crank up the volume on the call while tweaking the sound for maximum clarity. Sounds nice but, again, we’ll wait to give it a proper runthrough before we get too excited.

The first off the line with TruMedia enabled handsets will be NEC, who is looking to use the sound suite to provide a “compelling entertainment experience complete with deep rich base!” [sic]. “Deep rich base”? Is that like an underground facility for well-off folk?