HP Mini 2140 now shipping

c01614434 Hey HP, thanks for making the Mini 2140 netbook available. I’ve really been looking forward to potentially purchasing one of the high-resolution versions. Maybe someday soon you could tell us which ones have the 1024×576 screens and which ones have the 1366×768 screens so we could all make informed purchases.

If you’re not a stickler for resolution, there are 7 models available ranging from $499 to $779 in price. They all say they have a “10.1-inch diagonal HP Illumi-Lite LED SD” screen, though, and the user manual for each device lists the screen’s resolution as “1024 x 576 or 1366 x 768.” The higher-res ones should say “10.1-inch diagonal HP Illumi-Lite LED HD” instead, and the $499 and $649 models are identical, spec-wise, leading me to believe that the high-res ones start with the $649 model.

I’ve found that I need something a little wider and longer in a netbook screen, so the 12-incher by Dell seemed promising at first. This HP one, though, seems even more to my liking thanks to the widely-praised keyboard and the extra bit of width (1366 versus Dell’s 1280), all wrapped up in a smaller package. Again, I’m almost positive that the models starting at $649 are the high-res ones, but let’s all wait patiently for HP to update the specs, just in case, shall we?

HP Mini 2140 Notebook PC [via Engadget]