Ben Heck shows off one and only PC mod from back in 2004, the ‘MGDpc’


All-star modder Ben Heckendorn takes a walk down memory lane with the (surprisingly) one and only PC case mod he’s ever built. It’s a computer ensconced in an empty 18-pack of Miller Genuine Draft that he built back in 2004 when he "needed a portable computer to do the looping for [his] independent film but was too cheap to buy a laptop."

While it’s probably not exactly rocket science to build a PC inside a cardboard box, the attention to detail that’s made Ben Heck a household name among DIYers everywhere is there in full force with an elaborate CD burner apparatus jutting out of the top of the box. He basically took the entire drive apart and rebuilt it in layers, creating a cool 3D effect using cardboard from a second MGD box. The end result looks like some sort of Star Wars building.


Other features aren’t interesting now that it’s 2009 — 4GB hard drive, K6-300 CPU, 16MB VooDoo video card — but it’s nice to remember the good old days of dropping a mint on a VooDoo card and a multi-gigabyte hard drive, eh?

[via Make]