Annoying rumor: Sirius XM price increases this spring


As if satellite radio fans, especially longtime XM ones, didn’t have enough to worry about, there’s a juicy rumor going around right now that suggests that Sirius XM prices are going to increase across the board. Ugh.

The rumor started on the Digital Radio Central message board, from someone claiming to be an employee of Sirius XM’s Activations Department. The alleged hikes:

• Online streaming will no longer be free (unless you’re a lifetime subscriber), instead it’ll be $2.99 for most packages, perhaps as much as $8.99 for the Mostly Music and Family Packs

• Each additional radio tethered to your sub will cost $8.99 a month, up $2 from $6.99 a month

Orbitcast’s own Deepthroats have confirmed price increase, though their numbers vary slightly.

In any event, current subscribers will be able to “lock in” current prices (free online streaming, $6.99 per additional radio).

What a terrific merger, right? Unwanted channel changes (and fan reaction), people losing their jobs on the XM side of things, price raises. This is not what I’m used to.