Those Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots might be real. Maybe.

WinMo 6.5

We still say that they look too crappy and fake to be real, but the same folks who broke the SkyBox/SkyLine/SkyMarket story this morning are saying that they’re at least partially legit.

According to them, the shots (which first leaked out back in November) are conceptual images for Windows Mobile 6.5’s new “Honeycomb” theme. So it’s a concept shot for a work-in-progress? Sure, we’ll believe that. But next time, WinMo theme designers, it’s probably not a good idea to use icons from a competing company’s operating system (See the “Today” house icon, which is straight out of OS X.)

We’ll see how much of these concepts make their way into the final products, presumably at Mobile World Congress next month.