Pixsy Helps Publishers Monetize Video Embeds With 'Premium Feed'

Pixsy, a company that specializes in licensing its image and video search platform to other businesses, has launched a new product called “Premium Feed” that allows publishers to embed clips that can be easily monetized into their sites.

While there are a number of search engines that offer free video clips for embedding, it can be difficult for publishers to monetize these. Using Pixsy’s Premium Feed, publishers can search through video content that already has ads embedded (either as pre-rolls or overlays). Whenever they embed these clips into their websites, they will get a share of the revenues (the actual percentage varies depending on the publisher). All publishers looking to participate in the program have to go through Pixsy’s approval process, but CEO Chase Norlin says it takes as little as a week for new publishers to qualify.

Norlin says that the Pixsy catalog now includes over 2 million clips in its Premium Feed, about half of which come from user generated content. To monetize this user generated content, Pixsy has partnered with a third-party company to perform image and audio transcription which can then be used to embed relevant AdSense Ads. The remaining portion of the Premium Feed comes from ‘professionally generated video’ – content providers who have already included advertising in their clips and are looking for a means to syndicate them.

At launch Pixsy’s Premium Feed partners include Cooliris, a 3D-media browser plugin, as well as Ego TV.