Navitell Raises €2 Million For Mobile StoryTeller Software

Belgium-based Navitell just announced it has secured €2 million (or about $2,635,000) in funding from FPIM, an investment holding company operated by the federal government. Navitell develops the StoryTeller software suite, which can be used to enrich mobile phones and PDAs with multimedia content based on the respective locations and profiles of its users.

On its website, Navitell fails to explain in detail how the StoryTeller software suite works exactly, but one of the first products they’ve built with the software does sound kinda interesting. StoryTraveller basically combines GPS functionality with third-party content and software centered around telling stories based on the device’s location, which sounds great when you think about it: imagine walking around in a museum, a park or the center of a given city and getting updates on news items, historical facts, and so on that fit your profile.

Next to StoryTraveller, Navitell has introduced a couple of similar spin-off products like StoryTrip (no link found), StoryCook and StoryCoach. The company says the real killer project is still being built, and the fresh funding is meant to serve as a jumpstart for development and taking the company to other national markets.

Navitell is readying the launch of an international web-based marketplace where ‘mobile stories’ can be created and traded, and the company aims to release a set of platform applications for ‘personalized micro-entertainment and mobile micro-businesses’, which all sounds very interesting but rather vague.

Maybe they can use some of the money that was raised to hire a communications expert who can help the company explain what they’re all about.