Fashionable(?) wristband charges your phone


Get right outta town, I would actually use this. It’s a somewhat unassuming wristband (looks like it’s made of rubber) that serves double duty as an emergency charger for your small devices.

The innards include a 1500mAh lithium ion battery, which should be good for a full charge of most phones or portable media devices. You juice up the wristband via USB (takes about five hours) and then wear it out on the town, plugging your phone in once its battery starts to wane.

The $25 wristband includes seven connector tips for use with most popular phones and devices, and a stretchy USB cord lets you use your gadget while it’s charging. Therein lies the rub, though: you have to carry a USB cable around with you. That’s kind of a deal breaker right there.

It’d be cool if they could fashion the cable into the wristband somehow. Since I have a G1, which charges via mini-USB, I’d probably carry around a little mini-USB to mini-USB plug in my pocket in an attempt to sidestep carrying around a cable everywhere.


Wrist Band Portable Battery [ via The Raw Feed]