CrunchGear BFF: SwissBike TX

From CrunchGear BFF Snow:
Picked this up off of (caution: autoplaying video) and thought people might think it’s cool.

[Devin adds: Thanks, Snow. Looks like a pretty solid folder. At $700 for the cheapest version it’s not exactly budget-friendly, but the fact that they even offer a $2300 speaks to the quality of their engineering.]

The SwissBike TX is a full-size bike (26″ wheel) that folds to fit in the back of a Mini Cooper (see attached pic). The whole philosophy behind this bike is that it offers the full-size stability and ride quality that is needed for a good commuter, while still having all the benefits of a small wheel folder. In short, it can go anywhere. Terrain is not an issue.”

In terms of energy, the bike is obviously human powered, but we perceive that the SwissBike will go far in getting more people out of cars and onto bikes for their commute, drastically reducing one’s carbon footprint. With the concept of Drive and Cycle, if your commute is a long one or through an area that is not conducive to riding, leave a SwissBike in the trunk for part of the drive and when you hit traffic, ride the rest of the way in. The ability to commute how you want at any given moment on any given day, goes a long way in removing some of the obstacles that keep people from commuting by bike. This is a concept most of our office including our CEO uses daily and while it is not as aggressive as those who commute 40 miles/ day, at this point it is a great step in the right direction.

Also, we would like to extend a discount on our bikes to you and your readers. Use the code “ecotips” at checkout to get a free carrying case when a bike is purchased. It’s an easy way to get on a cool bike, save a good chunk of change, and reduce your carbon footprint.

The SwissBike looks like it has good potential and the discount isn’t bad either.