Cloud Black: Japan gets a Final Fantasy XIII PS3 special edition

final_fantasy_xiii_ps3Square Enix Japan today announced a very stylish PS3 bundle [JP] that includes a trial version of Final Fantasy XIII, the highly anticipated new game in the series.

Japanese fans will have to pay around $550 for the 160GB PS3 (with a cool FFXIII logo stamped on the front) and the demo when the package goes on sale April 16. As far as I am informed, this will be the first time for Japanese people to get to buy a PS3 with 160GB .


But Sony Japan made more announcements. Final Fantasy VII on the Sony PlayStation is surely one of the best RPGs ever created. 11 years later,  Square Enix releases Final Fantay VII Advent Children Complete on Blu-ray, a CGI movie based on the original RPG (price: $55, pictured above).

Sony will offer yet another product on April 16, the Final Fantasy XIII demo plus said movie for $66.