Launch48, 24HourBusinessCamp… I thought we were supposed to be in a downturn?

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I’m normally sceptical of attempts to build web apps in a day. If they work they are usually simple and useless. Whether they work or not they simply cheapen the skills of the best people out there who would not dream of doing something so dumb. Sure enough, they are usually attempts to garner PR: “Hey, we built a Twitter clone in a day. Woot!”

But I’m going to make an exception with Launch 48 on Feb 6-8th. Why? Well, it feels like they are going to do this as much to learn something as anything else. They are inviting a few mentors/advisors to the event to talk/interact/advise with the participants. And that’s a good thing. The format is here.

They sound a bit like Startup Weekend but the significant difference is the teams will be more independent; it’s not about taking any stake in any idea or any product; alongside a few other differences.

Meanwhile, these flash-mob startups are appearing all over. I can’t work out if all this activity is despite the global economic crisis – or because of it. Is everyone at a loose end all of a sudden? Then again, maybe this is when the rubber really hits the startup road…

So… if you find yourself in Sweden on Jan 29 Jan 22-23, see if you can break into 24 Hour Business Camp (you’ll have to break in – it’s sold out).

Around 90 Swedish internet-entrepreneurs will gather at Hasseludden Yasuragi, a spa (oh yes, they do these things in style over there) and conference centre outside Stockholm. Each of the 52 participating teams arrive at Hasseludden with an idea for a new web service that they would like to build. The whole event will be documented on the live blog, where videos and short interviews will be posted throughout these 24 hours. The event is organized by Ted Valentin, a Swedish internet entrepreneur. Sounds like fun.

  • Andrew Hyde

    The goal of Startup Weekend has always been about building community over building apps. We see the longterm value in founders meeting.

    Fun to see the idea of Startup Weekend being tweaked and stylized.

  • Jonathan Clarke


    Just involved in a startup camp in Australia. 24 hours of rapid development to have an equal share in when the app is sold. Pitching to VC as we speak.

    btw, I’m a member of the givedo team. Searching the web to give money for your charity makes everyone have warm fuzzy feelings.

  • Jonathan Clarke

    By The way, GiveDo has just launched at the following URL:

  • Paul Cooper

    I agree with Andrew, personally I think I’m interested in the networking more than building the actual application. However building a successful application will of course be a welcome bonus!

  • Anders Fredriksson

    The swedish event is actually on Jan 22-23. So all launches will be done by friday afternoon.

    //Anders – 24hbc participant with

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