Griffin begins shipping TuneFlex AUX (just another iPod accessory)


I’m not sure how many of you have an auxiliary port on your deck and I suspect most new car stereos do these days but if you don’t then you’ll want to skip this post. Griffin has now announced that their new TuneFlex AUX charger/controller/car mount for iPods is now shipping. It’s simple, really. Drop your iPod into the cradle and, BAM, it starts charging. Plug in via the 3.5mm cord that’s provided and, BAM, all of your Miley Cyrus albums start streaming without all that crackly FM transmitter obnoxiousness. There’s also a tiny remote that you can attach to your steering wheel, which makes it all worth it. You can find it now for $80, but I suspect Amazon or some other online retailer will have it at a discounted price in the coming weeks.

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