Hawaii officially shuts-off analog broadcasts 100%

hawaiiThe great state of Hawaii is the first in the Nation to make the switch exclusively to digital. The change happened at noon Thursday with the state’s 20 stations broadcasting just a PSA on their analog signals stating, ” All full-power Hawaii TV stations are now digital.” So far the conversion has been made with minimal customer outrage. The FCC did setup phone lines for and they have been lit up which is to be expected. But why did the state switch over before the rest of the country on February 17th? The state bird, that’s why.

It seems that the Hawaiian dark-rumped petrel (which I almost killed a bunch of cruising down Mount Haleakala on Maui – seriously) nesting season coincides with the national DTV conversation date. Conservationist types and park rangers wanted the switch to take place before hand so all the required work done on the towers could be completed before the birds come home.

The rest of the country’s broadcasters are probably keeping a watchful eye on Hawaii’s transition though. No matter if the switch happens for us next month or later in the summer, it is coming and hopefully most Americans will be prepared. Hopefully, but probably not.