Gentleman will enjoy Newman ManMan A1 OK?


Sure it’s as big as an iPod Fat Nano and sure it’s pink, but this iPod knock-off is all male. After all, it’s called the ManMan A1 and that means it’s the best and it’s for men, right?

The most interesting thing seems to be a Palm Pre-esque gesture bar under the screen that lets you scroll through tracks in a cover flow kind of way.

The second picture makes the player look as if the 2.0″ screen of the A1 is touch screen, but its not, the player does have a heat sensitive strip located above the round button and below the screen. The player also uses the RockChip RK2705 medi chip, capable of playing multiple video files at high resolution along with multiple audio files including Flac and OGG. It will be out in China by the end of January and be available in pink and blue.

All I can really say is that if China put its mind to making new, compelling product they’d rule the world. Thankfully, they’re great at copying on the cheap.

via BBG