FriendDeck is to FriendFeed what TweetDeck is to Twitter

Software analyst developer Paul Kinlan has released a beta version of FriendDeck, a web-based aggregator styled on TweetDeck, which searches FriendFeed for any search term, creating a window of result

UK-developed Tweetdeck wins US Angel funding

TweetDeck, a desktop Air app which has revolutionised Twitter use for heavy users like myself, is “close” to securing an angel funding round of nearly $500,000 from seed funding house Beta

Skout Hopes To Help You Find True Love With Your iPhone

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> <a href="">Skout</a>, a location-based social n

Obama to KEEP his Blackberry

<img src=""> The tech world has <a href="">been on fire</a> wit

More proof Transformers 2 will be a huge GM ad spot

<img src="">The original <em>Transformers</em> movie was obnoxiously filled with shiny General Motor's rides and it seems that theme will c

News flash: You had better have decent eyesight if you want to fully appreciate HDTV

<img src="" />The Daily Mail (now home to the best sports columnist writing in the English language, <a HREF="http://www.dailymail.c

AMD cutting more of their workforce

<img src="" /> More bad news for AMD. They announced today that they would be reducing their workforce even further. This will be their thir

Jobs: "Why don’t you guys leave me alone – why is this important?"

<img src="" /> Bloomberg has published <a href="">

Hawaii officially shuts-off analog broadcasts 100%

<img src="">The great state of Hawaii is the first in the Nation to make the switch exclusively to digital. The change happened at noon T

Mumbai police wardriving against terrorism

<img src="" /> After November's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, blame was flying thick and fast and <a href="

For the child who’s not spoiled enough, there’s the $480 Porsche sled

<img src="">If you constantly find yourself with a backache caused by sitting on all of the $100 bills in your wallet, you might conside

Ustream May Be First To Broadcast Video From Unhacked iPhone

<img alt="" /><a href="">Ustream</a> is anticipating Apple's approval of the first non-jailbroken iPhone application that will let users record and broadcast live video from the

You know, for beekeepers

<img src="" />In an attempt to expand our readership, today we are running a story for the beekeepers out there. Yes, you can now depend

Why the DTV switchover might be pushed back to June

<img src="">Us American nerds have known for literally years that analog TV signals were eventually going to be shut off. Congress set t

Obama to KEEP his Blackberry

The tech world has been on fire with speculation about if President-elect Obama will be able to keep his beloved Blackberry. According to ABC World News, he will be able to keep it only for personal u

Circuit City liquidation shopping tips

<img src=""><a href="">Circuit City</a> may be bringing in liquidators to help clear our the re

You'll be waiting a while for consumer-grade Core i7

<img src="" /> It looks like the planned "Lynnfield" mainstream versions of the Nehalem architecture chips <a href="http://techre

Get Spoonfed local events rated by the crowd

So it’s Friday afternoon and you’re looking forward to chilling out, broadening your horizons with new cultural experiences – or just plain beery fun. But where do you go to find tru

Retro NES video: Micro Machines!

<img src=""> Screw Attack has highlighted one of my favorite games on the NES in this<a href="

Awesome "FamicomBox" arcade NES spotted on Yahoo auctions

<img src="" /> The things people will actually <a href="">put up for sale!</a>
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