Dev Team teases iPod Touch 2G owners with redsn0w preview


Yellowsn0w, the illustrious iPhone 3G jailbreaking software, launched at the beginning of this month and the Dev Team is already toiling hard at their next release. Even though the group hasn’t officially announced that redsn0w is the iPod Touch 2G jailbreaking software, it more than likely is. When Apple stuffed a better CPU into the latest Touch, it broke the original jailbreaking software so a new release is likely to drop soon. Hopefully. More as we get it. Large image and coded message after the break.

  • Well it isn’t a British Thermonuclear Device.
  • It isn’t an episode from “The Twilight Zone”
  • And it certainly isn’t iPhone 3G related (right now)
  • There is one other device…
  • It fits in your pocket..
  • What can it be?