Look out – Netlog releases GPS-enabled iPhone app for its 33 million users

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European Myspace competitor Netlog, which has over 33 million users, has released its native iPhone app. Users can get a feed of friends updates, see pictures, upload content and add pictures. Unusually, it is also GPS-enabled, something Facebook has so far steered clear of. It’s TechCrunch’s general view that if Facebook added true, location-based mobile social networking to its iPhone app, it would probably kill off a lot of the startups in that arena fairly swiftly. But it has yet to do so, leaving the way open for sites like Netlog. (App store link)

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  • kelvin

    I have used facebook with messmo application. But this application is also looks cool. I would like to try it..

  • Conika

    Hi, I and my buddy are using Messmo and our SMSs to each other are free. We can also see when we are online. I like it a lot .

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