Boombox Brings's Streaming Music Catalog To The iPhone

While we await an official iPhone app for the awesomeness that is (they’re working on it), iPhone development house Gorloch Interactive has created a music discovery application called Boombox that utilizes the API that lets you stream its vast catalog of music tracks from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The company says it’s working closely with Cupertino to see if they’ll approve the release of a network-accessible version, which would enable users to purchase music on iTunes while connected to a network.

Boombox sports a design reminiscent of the classic 80s boomboxes (check out those equalizers) and lets you search and play millions of songs coming from the catalog, and also enables you to create a playlist from your device. There’s a direct link to the iTune store for purchasing tracks, but the only catch is that the app only functions over WiFi (Apple would not allow it to work over 2G/3G).

The app is completely free and can be downloaded from this iTunes download link. This is Gorloch’s second iPhone application after Campaign, which we reviewed here.