Why is finding a Jasper Xbox 360 such a pain in the neck?


What’s the easiest way to ensure that the Xbox 360 you’re buying is one of those Jasper ones, one with a 65nm CPU that runs cooler and shouldn’t be as susceptible to the red ring of death? On the little cutout on the back of the Xbox 360, you need to maneuver the system so that you can see the power rating. Spot a “12,1A” and the Jasper is yours. But, why wouldn’t Microsoft simply put on the front of the system a little sticker or something that says “includes new and improved Jasper CPU!”

That’s what Ars Technica wanted to know, too. So it asked one of them there group product managers, Aaron Greenberg, why Microsoft makes it so damn hard to figure out if the Xbox 360 is Jasper or not.

It looks like Microsoft doesn’t want to draw attention to the Xbox 360’s hardware problems. If they were to highlight that newer versions of the 360 (the Jaspers) are a “safer” buy, then, I don’t know, panic will ensue.

So, if you’re dead set on buying a Jasper, you’re more than likely savvy enough to Google “how to tell jasper xbox 360.” Otherwise, nope, Microsoft doesn’t want to make a big deal out of this.