Palm Pre pricing update: $399 is indeed sans contract

When the rumor mill set the Palm Pre pricing at $399, outcries of shenanigans were shouted through the halls of CES (and the comment corners of MobileCrunch.) It just didn’t make sense: Both Palm and Sprint need this phone to be a success – if it’s out of everyone’s mid-slump price range, it’s not going to do any good for anyone.

Turns out, the rumor was correct – but only in a very limited way. According to Mobile Review, the $399 pricepoint is one of two being considered for non-contracts, with a 2-year lock bringing it down to either $149 (if they settle on a $399 full price) or $199 (if $499.)

Come on, Sprint – get that thing onto the shelves at $149. You need this.

[Via UnwiredView]