Extra, extra: Full 2009 HTC lineup outed (maybe)

Ah, the Interwebs.  A magical land of glorious product-outing forums like PPCGeeks, where user Arlen was kind enough to post 25 leaked images of what are supposedly HTC’s “full” 2009 lineup of devices.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot information about any of the particular handsets other than that 2 of them are apparently headed to AT&T (Topaz, Barium), 2 of ’em are off to Sprint (Tungsten W, Jasper C), 1 to Verizon (Rhodium W), maybe 2 to T-Mobile (Tungsten, Sapphire 2.0), and a few images list the network type(s) that particular phone can operate on.

As always, take this info with a grain of salt.  See the rest of the lineup after the jump.

[via wmpoweruser]