Did Joshua Schachter Just Land At Google?

According to this Tweet by First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman, Google has just hired del.icio.us founder Joshua Schachter. We have e-mails out trying to confirm.

After selling his social bookmarking service to Yahoo, he stuck around until last June when he joined the general exodus of talent.

What would be a good project for Schachter at Google—creating automatic bookmarks based on surfing history? Or perhaps he is going to move beyond social bookmarks to help with social search. In any case, congratulations Joshua.

Update: Schachter’s LinkedIn profile lists his current status as a “member of Technical Staff at Google.”

Update 2: Schachter confirms that he’s at Google, but he’s not getting into details. In a reply to me on Twitter, he says, “i’m not commenting until i have something interestin g to say.” Doesn’t anyone use e-mail anymore?