Another Enterprise Administrative Tool Shifts to the Cloud: Pirelli Broadband Group adopts SaaS Capacity Management System

Pirelli Broadband Solutions, the broadband arm of the Pirelli Group, announced they adopted Neptuny’s Caplan SaaS.

Capacity management has long been the domain of large enterprises; it wasn’t cost effective for smaller companies. The cost to implement a capacity management system was higher than the cost savings from optimizing capacity.

Neptuny claims the new SaaS version of their Capacity Management software uses the benefits of the cloud to make capacity management accessible to small-medium enterprises. No on-site infrastructure installations, the servers are supported by Neptuny, and upgrades happen seamlessly. Pricing plans can be tailored specifically to client needs. And the entire interface can be access through the web.

The largest cost of Capacity management remains the people time–analyzing and implementing a new capacity plan requires manpower. But it’s certainly an interesting extension of the SaaS model, and should open up a sweet spot for small-medium size enterprises.

Expect more and more enterprise management tools to hop on the SaaS bandwagon.