TryMyFashion: Because Fashionistas Need To Micro-blog, Too

Fashion fanatics have a new tool to play with, thanks to freshly launched micro-blogging application TryMyFashion, which is basically Twitter for fashionistas who want to put the world (or their circle of friends, whichever fits) on notice what they’re wearing today.

Visitors can sign up and check out the service, although there are still some kinks that need to be ironed out before the estimated launch date of March 1. If you’re familiar with Twitter, you’ll know what to in an instant, but just in case you don’t: TryMyFashion lets registered users post short messages (140 characters) about their daily fashion and interact with other members of the community by sharing and discussing links to relevant photos, websites, videos etc.

Founder Patrick Phelan told me he’s still finishing development on the search engine, the instant messaging features and OpenID integration, but that he also has both a Facebook and an iPhone application in the works. The service was built using the open-source microblogging tool Laconica, and hence features its own API (well sorta, it uses the Laconica API but it works all the same).

There’s a business model, too. Phelan, who has a background in Retail Data Marketing with Acxiom and Digital Marketing Consulting with ad agencies, retailers and entertainment organizations like MTV, aims to leverage his relationships to build a revenue model based on contextual advertising, custom advertising sponsorships and database marketing services. Evidently, the primary focus for the advertising business will be retailers, but Phelan sees opportunities in the entertainment industry as well.

Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot more of this niche-focused microblogging applications this year.