Tweetvisor A Contender For Best Alternate Twitter Interface

New site Tweetvisor, created by Nelu Lazar, offers users an alternate interface to view and interact with Twitter that some users will really like. (unlike Tweetree, for example, which I think lacks unique and compelling features).

The site places messages from other users directed to you (replies and direct messages) in the sidebar, and offers search in the middle of the screen. Users can save searches and see when new results pop up for that query.

But the compelling feature is the ability to easily administer and switch between multiple Twitter accounts. Some users control their business and personal accounts, or just handle lots of different brands. Tweetvisor is the best browser based solution we’ve seen. It just launched, so don’t be surprised if there are hiccups.

I still say Power Twitter is the best browser interface for Twitter, but if you must deal with multiple accounts, Tweetvisor is for you.