LIVE CES 2009 Palm keynote

CrunchGear is live at CES 2009 attending the Palm keynote. What can we expect? New hardware, a new OS, and potentially a branding strategy that will move them far from everything we used to know about Palm.

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Please check here for the entire live feed.

10:30 – In line, waiting for the magic to happen.

10:39 – We’re at the Venetian Hotel for Palm’s (last?) press conference. It’s not slated to start until 11 AM PT so, we’re going to hang out for a bit and we’ll be back in 20 or so.


10:49 – Peter here, we’ll be switching to Scribblelive shortly so you won’t have to refresh the page yourselves.

  • 2:46 PM Doug Aamoth – Peter’s waiting to get in. The show will start at 11:00 Pacific.

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