LG at CES: displays, XNOTES, and the watch phone

LG just finished showing off their newest stuff, including the much-ballyhooed watch phone. They also had some nice big TVs and a nice little notebook I hadn’t seen before.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get any decent shots of the watch phone in action, and although some people might say they got a ‘hands on,’ it was really only out on an LG guy for about 30 seconds. And for some reason they didn’t put it on display afterwards. What the hell? At any rate, they said it was a “working prototype” but confirmed it was ready for production, although it was of course up to the carriers to determine where it would be available (you can bet your sweet hiney it won’t be in the US). It’s sure taking long enough!

At least it will support text-to-speech and have decent voice activation. I want to look like a sci-fi star when I use that thing.

There was a speaker set, a little compact PC, and a nice-looking but ordinary-sounding 13-inch laptop, the X110. We’ll get more extensive hands-ons tomorrow.