Gigya: December 23rd Was Biggest Day For Our Widgets, Ever

Gigya, the Israeli startup that helps other companies easily distribute their widgets, has released some of its latest figures on the recent holiday season.

Most notable: December 23rd set the new record for total number of widget installs in a single day, with 900,000 widgets installed across all of the service’s supported blogs and social networks. Gigya obviously doesn’t account for every widget on the web, but it does help distribute content from a wide array of partners including Electronic Arts, RockYou, MTV, and Sony BMG (you can see a full list of partners here).

Through its Wildfire service, Gigya allows content providers and widget developers to easily syndicate their content to a variety of places online, including many popular social networks, blog platforms, and customized homepages like Pageflakes. Users typically only need to enter their login credentials, and the widget will be automatically inserted into their profiles (as opposed to manually copy and pasting an embed code).

Gigya has also shared some early stats for ElfYourself, the viral dancing elves videos made by OfficeMax that saw an incredible amount of traffic over the last holiday season, with numbers that rivaled Facebook’s visitors (at least for one month out of the year). For this year ElfYourself partnered with JibJab to produce the online videos, and the stats are similarly impressive. During the last three weeks of December, the new ElfYourself widget was installed nearly one million times-an impressive feat given the fact that embeds weren’t even available for last year’s videos. If you’d like to see some of the TechCrunch team get elf’ed, check out this video (warning: it isn’t pretty).