Backspin's old school hip hop coming back to Sirius XM this month


Old school hip-hop is coming back to Sirius XM after having been axed from the lineup late last year. Sirius XM says it’s in response to “overwhelming” fan reaction. The company is listening to us!

Yeah, so starting on January 15 you’ll find Backspin back on your radio dial. (The disco channel, The Strobe, is also coming back, but my guess is that not too many of you are into disco.)

One of the Sirius XM higher-ups said that the company will continue to listen to fans regarding content changes, which is the smart thing to do. Sirius XM is hardly in the position to piss off its subscribers.

The moral of this story is, if Sirius XM has annoyed you in any capacity, complain till your voice is sore.

via Orbitcast