Are you ready for Elevator Pitch Friday?

Starting this week I’ll be picking a video from our TechCrunch Elevator Pitches web site to feature here, every week. Your startup can be form anywhere in Europe. The best way to get featured is to create a video no longer than 60 seconds in length, as per these instructions. A technology startup’s CEO or founder should use that time to explain the company’s products and how they are intended to make money. Imagine you’re in an elevator and have only one chance to convince a VC or executive that you deserve a follow-up meeting. Be sure to focus on your company’s big picture while avoiding too much detail about particular products. Please upload your video to YouTube, tag it with “tcpitch”. In addition to following the specifications above, please do not include any editing or graphic overlays – just a straight pitch from beginning to end. Finally email me that you’ve done it and with a link to the video. And make sure your company is on CrunchBase. Voila. Here’s an example on the US site.