Power Twitter: Inline Media, Integrated Search And A Lot More

Version 1.0 of Power Twitter, an add-on for Firefox created by Narendra Rocherolle at 83 Degrees, was just released. If you use Twitter and were excited about services like Tweetree, this is something you’ll want to add immediately.

Power Twitter moves Twitter Search, inconveniently located on a different subdomain, right into the Twitter site itself. You can also just search a single user’s updates from that user’s Twitter page. Twitter should have long ago integrated a search box directly onto the logged-in Twitter home page. They haven’t, but Power Twitter fixes this.

Power Twitter also fixes the @replies feature, which currently only shows Twitter messages directed to you that begin with @[yourusername]. With Power Twitter you see all messages that contain your user name, fixing a big hole on Twitter.

YouTube, Flickr, and TwitPic links are also added in-line to Twitter messages so you don’t have to click off site to see them. This is something competitor Friendfeed does and is an often-requested feature.

Another feature I like: you can mouse over a user icon and see the last few Twitter messages they’ve written. This helps to put current messages into context to understand the conversation.

Other features: you can click on the Facebook tab on the right and see updates for your Facebook friends directly in Twitter.

In summary, this is the way to fix Twitter, directly via the user interface, not from a third party site that users will forget to go to.