Smart-Leaf aims to put a touchscreen PC in your wall

originatic_smart-leafSmart-Leaf is the latest company shooting for the casual PC user that needs a space saving designed ‘puter. The company seems to think that a touchscreen model with fold-out keyboard would fit-in nicely into your kitchen. Maybe they are right. I kind of want one. 

Two model will make a debut at CES ’09 next week: one for home users and one for business kiosks. The Oasis (home) is loaded with everything needed to make a killer kitchen rig: TV tuner, WiFi, webcam, touchscreen and fold-out keyboard. Plus, look, it makes chicks so happy. No word on pricing or availability just yet.


Originatic to Release the Smart-Leaf

Originatic LLC announced today, its upcoming release of the Smart-Leaf, an innovative, wall-mountable
all-in-one computer. The Smart-Leaf will be released at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas
on January 8, 2009.

At last year’s CES, Originatic unveiled its prototype of the Smart-Leaf, followed by design
enhancements and positive reaction from market testing. Smart-Leaf Oasis and Mountain models will
be available for ordering in January with first shipments scheduled for March.

The Smart-Leaf features both wall and desk modes, an
integrated, fold-out keyboard, and a flare for style. In the
wall mode, the Smart-Leaf provides ‘on the fly’ access to
information. Originatic incorporated a suite of features into
the Smart-Leaf to maximize durability and ease of use, such
as touch screen, scratch resistance, spill-proofing, TV tuner,
and power lock, all packaged in a unitary form with a slim

The Smart-Leaf was designed with an aim to make life and
work easier for today’s high-paced demands for connectivity
in homes and businesses. Originatic’s market testing
indicates that the Smart-Leaf will resonate well with home
users looking for convenient, ‘out of the way’ computer
access in kitchens and other areas of the home. For
businesses, the Smart-Leaf provides a cost-effective, space
efficient alternative to traditional kiosks.

According to Reno Smith, Originatic’s Chairman, “We have had a strong response to the Smart-Leaf
from both consumers and businesses. The Smart-Leaf appeals to consumers because it provides
computer access in high traffic areas, like the kitchen, without taking up counter space. The Smart-
Leaf enables businesses to deliver solutions to customers and employees in places previously
considered too crowded.”

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About Originatic LLC
Originatic LLC is engaged in the ongoing invention, development, and commercialization of new and
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