Netflix, Adobe, Google Rated Best Places To Work. AT&T, eBay, RadioShack Among the Worst.


Where are the best and worst places to work? Glassdoor, the site that surveys employees about workplace conditions in great detail, has issued lists of the best and worst 50 companies as rated by employees out of the 11,000 in its database (see below).

There aren’t any startups on these lists because Glassdoor does better with larger companies with more employees. Topping the list of best companies is General Mills, but tech companies make a decent showing as well, with Netflix, Adobe, Google, SAP, and NetApp making the top 10. Apple is No. 19. Amazon and Microsoft didn’t make the list. Neither did Yahoo, but it escaped the worst 50 list as well. The same cannot be said for eBay, IAC, and AT&T

Here are the top 20, with tech companies in bold:

1. General Mills
2. Bain & Company
3. Netflix
4. Adobe
5. Northwestern Mutual
6. Whole Foods
7. Google
8. SAP
9. Continental Airlines
10. NetApp
11. Intuit
12. McKinsey & Company
13. FactSet
14. Boston Consulting
15. Procter & Gamble
16. Caterpillar
17. Genentech
18. CareerBuilder
19. Apple
20. Juniper Networks

The five worst places to work, according Glassdoor, are:

1. DHL Express (USA)
2. United Airlines
3. Reynolds and Reynolds
4. Farmers Group
5. Gibson Guitar

Other notable companies that made the bottom 50 include:

6. RadioShack
14. Qimonda
15. NCR
27. EDS
29. AT&T Mobility
31. OfficeMax
33. Level 3 Communications
34. Motorola
37. Blockbuster
38. Alcatel-Lucent
43. IAC
44. Cadence Design
46. Circuit City
47. eBay
49. AT&T

The full lists are below, with teh best places to work listed first: