Leaked: T-Mobile's release schedule for January and February

If you’re the type of person that likes to be surprised by mobile handset releases, you might want to look away. Also, you might want to stop reading mobile blogs. Also, you’re weird.

One of BG’s super sneaks managed to snap a shot of a blurp at the bottom of one of T-Mobile’s employee-only Daily News pages, detailing the next two months of handset releases.

What’s on the way, and what they are:

  • January 21: Sony Ericsson TM506 in Scarlett (3G Clamshell – just a new color)
  • January 21: Nokia 7510 (clamshell otherwise known Supernova)
  • January 28: T-Mobile Shadow (They mean Shadow II, we hope.)
  • February 4: Motorola Renew
  • February 4: Samsung t119 (Low-end candybar)
  • February 18: RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900 (otherwise known as Javelin, similar to the Bold)
  • February 18: Samsung Memoir (8 Megapixel Touchscreen phone)