IT Crowd chides social networks, has netbooks on it

Tech-savvy British comedy The IT Crowd recently had a little parody of social networks on it and it’s pretty good times. I’ve always liked the show but I’m more impressed by the people who make it being tapped into actual net trends; you can see currently popular memes and artists on the show like a Guy Fawkes mask, Fair Use posters, Think Geek gadgets, and in this episode Jen is even using an Eee PC. I guarantee that’s the only notelet you’ll see on TV this year, everyone is still using 24-style Alienware 19″ megalaptops.

The uploaders have disabled embedding for your inconvenience, and my workarounds didn’t work so hit the link to watch the vid.

Oh man, Roy is wearing a Mechwarrior shirt or something. That’s so awesome.