Want To Be A Reality TV Star? RealityWanted Could Be Your Missing Link.

Why people even want to go on reality TV shows is beyond my understanding, but it could be just me. Heck, there’s even a social network centered around reality TV programs and its protagonists, so it is probably just me. RealityWanted is such an online community, and its focus lies in one important aspect of the whole thing: the casting.

RealityWanted claims to have accumulated 100,000 members since its launch, and it’s dedicated to connect the aspiring reality TV stars (God knows the world needs them too) among them to producers of reality TV programs. Members can register for a free account, create a profile and post pictures to promote themselves to casting professionals. There’s news and video interviews on the site as well, but the casting element seems to be the essential reason of being for the website. It kinda works like an online job board (e.g. Crunchboard): casting directors can post ‘vacancies’, and RealityWanted members can apply for them online.

Yes, it’s niche, but reality TV is also an enormous industry and I’m pretty sure RealityWanted fills a need. Somewhere. Honestly.

The site was founded by Mark Yawitz, who apparently appeared on some reality television programs himself in the past, and Jason Oropallo. Yawitz started building RealityWanted as an information hub way back in 2000, but it was officially launched as a social network in 2004.

What are you still waiting for? I hear they’re still casting for married women with an addiction or obsession (just about any will do).